About ChefNOW!

ChefNOW! Chef Services was established in 1997 by award winning UK Chef Simon Hodgson in response to the growing demand for 'at home' gourmet dining. 

Simon realised that there were a number of people who, like him, felt that dining out was becoming too expensive and restricted to what restaurants 'thought' they had to offer in order to satisfy the majority.

This meant that the discerning customer was either forced to look elsewhere (which could involve a lot of travel) or not bother going out at all...

He set about creating a concept where the customer could design their own menu based on personal preference. Whether that be for a dinner party or the preparation of favourite meals for the family which could be stored for future use.

To date, ChefNOW! has been able to satisfy the dining requirements of a wide range of discerning clients from all over the UK and abroad.

It also provides a 'Chef for Hire' service to businesses who need replacement staff on either a temporary or full time basis.